Music is a great motivator.  Use songs to set & change your workout pace.
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Osteoporosis is the loss or thinning of bone tissue that makes bones weaker, more brittle, & more likely to break. Bone tissue is built up by the deposition of minerals (mainly calcium salts) on a framework of collagen fibers. It is continually being broken down and rebuilt in order to allow growth and repair.
Osteoporosis develops when the rate at which fibers, mineral & cells are broken down becomes greater than the formation of the new tissue.

Sex hormones are essential to initiate & maintain this process. With the decline in production of sex hormones in both sexes after middle ages, bones become notably thinner & more porous. Estrogen levels fall rapidly in woman after menopause, which can lead to severe bone thinning or osteoporosis. In general, males are less prone to osteoporosis, because the decline in testosterone in males is gradual.
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The link between osteoporosis and caffeinated sodas isn't clear, but caffeine may interfere with calcium absorption and its diuretic effect may increase mineral loss. Be sure to get adequate calcium and Vitamin D from other sources in your diet or from supplements.

• dairy products, almonds
• darky leafy green vegtables
• oats & soy products like tofu
• canned salmon with the bones

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Exercise is an essential component in maintaining bone health, and a lack of activity is a predisposing factor to developing osteoporosis. The decreased density of osteoporotic bones makes them more likely to fracture.

• being female
• smoking
• corticosteroid treatment
• rheumatoid arthritis
• overactive thyroid
• long-term kidney failure
• eating disorders





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