Music is a great motivator.  Use songs to set & change your workout pace.
the importance of stretching
exercising enjoying this thing called fitness
We must begin to realize that health and fitness are not just a momentary frame of mind. They are a complete lifestyle that should be taught and promoted by health and fitness providers, employers, family members, and every other facet of the general community. To enjoy a complete state of health, one must achieve a healthy mindset concerning health and fitness, strive for healthy inner-workings, and maintain a healthy, working exterior to encase all.
For exercise to then be effective, one must recognize and address one’s limitations, hesitations, or weaknesses.
Fitness should be laughably consistent, not obligatory. Choose exercises or activities that you enjoy and that will not only keep you consistent, but be motivation in itself. Approach the consistency of your fitness the same way you would the maintenance of your home: create a livable and personalized dwelling, then simply maintain. One may have to do seasonal cleaning, or slight preparatory work for special occasions, but there is absolutely no need to suffer like the fairy-tale stepsister.
health and fitness are not just a momentary frame of mind...

• raises endurance of the heart & lungs  
• lowers your susceptibility against developing cardiac arrests & other forms of heart problems
• decreases your resting blood pressure and heart rate
• helps burn unwanted fat and calories
• improves coordination, mobility, and muscle endurance
• energizes you & reduces stress

personalize, adapt, enjoy

Simply put, Cardiovascular activity is exercise or activity that increases your heart rate and in-turn gives your heart its own specialized work-out. One should engage in some form of vigorous cardio for at least 20 min 3-4 times per week.

To find out your resting or exercising target heart rate, contact your doctor or certified fitness professional.

The combination of Cardio and Strength training tones your muscles and raises your basal metabolism,... which causes you to burn more calories 24 hours a day, even while you're sleeping.





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